Monday, June 30, 2008

Naked "Catcher" of Gainesville!

Palmer has a name around these parts: The Naked Man of Gainesville! Our friend, Mr. Dave, has given him this endearing nickname due to the many times Palmer appears our house, in other people's houses, at the park, at the pool, at the Gator softball games (Tim was mortified!)....and today is no exception. The only difference is he wanted to be a catcher. So I thought I'd share!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Palmer and the Monkey Bars

My two-year old, well, he's a mess--but he's pretty talented, in my opinion, since he can go across the monkey bars! He actually went all the way across a couple of minutes before this take, and I was very impressed. Notice how mad he gets when he doesn't make it, and take a listen to my daughter and her broadcasting skills. I just love this clip!

Swinging For the Fences...

I know this is not very mom-like, to post her child's "failures", but I couldn't help but post this swinging third strike---his reaction is soo cute! He really takes it to heart. This game he struck out twice--the most in a long time--but the third time up he hit it farther than I'd ever seen him hit it. Well worth the strike outs!

District Baseball

Brooks' 8 and under All-Star baseball team played in one of two district baseball tournaments in the state...and won their bracket, so they've won a trip to state! So we're headed to West Palm Beach for the state tourney over Fourth of July weekend. Yea, I think? As usual, Camden is the "model" citizen, and Palmer is always up to something....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baseball Tournament

Brooks is currently playing with the 8 year old North Central Florida All-Stars, and they had a district tourney this past weekend. Tim is helping coach (he's coaching first base) and is required to wear a uniform, which I haven't seen him in in over 8 years. :-) And Palmer and Camden enjoyed the festivities of the local fair being held at the same location by becoming a puppy and kitty cat. They weren't as stoic as they look. Palmer was a rabid pup, believe me!

More Pics From OKC!

I took so many pics, and I'm sorry I can't post them all. I was upset that I didn't get a good pic of my friends, the Mernaghs, and my very good friend, Teri. So here are a few: Camden and Chloe; the Torgersons; Lindsey Abbott-Lightener and Jen Stewart (former MVP of the College World Series) with Jess; me and my Woo-Crew posse, Lacy, Tara and Mandy; and some more former Sooners, Keisha, Mandy and Ash.......enjoy!

World Series--Back Home!!!

I want to thank all of you who watched and supported the Gators during their historic run in the College World Series. I'm sure most of you had never watched a lot of softball, either in person or on tv, and I hope you enjoyed it. It was a blast for me to see so many friends, and of course getting to spend time with the fam is always fantastic! I just really can't thank everyone enough for your support...and I hope we get to do this on a yearly basis! Go Gators!