Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chilly October Morning!

No flip flops for us today!! (At least not until about 3 pm!) I had the kids wear one of their Halloween shirts to school today, and they did not wear shorts for the first time this year. I thought they looked cute! BTW, it's dark outside because school starts at 7:40, and the sun doesn't come up until around then.

Monday, October 27, 2008

7 Songs in 7 Minutes....

Ok. I've been tagged. These are the 7 songs I thought of....

1. Superhero, Jane's Addiction
2. One, U2
3. Should've Been a Cowboy, Toby Keith
4. Upside Down, Jack Johnson
5. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Al Green
6. Jesus Loves Me, Palmer J ******FAVORITE!!!!
7. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson

Give us YOUR 7 songs in 7 minutes, Summer, Ashli & Janice!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

The kids had the day off of school on Friday due to UF Homecoming, so we headed south to Ocala, FL, to go to Chuck E. Cheese!! I really don't mind that place every once in a while...and when I have coupons! They get a kick out of going, and it's our special treat, and Friday was terrific!
Cams and Chuck E.

JACKPOT!! Brooks really hit some jackpots this time. He's becoming quite calculated in what he will play, trying to get the most tickets!!

Eating some pizza!

I may need to work on that follow through--just a bit twisted.

Palmer J spent all his tokens in record time, so I'm glad I at least got this shot!

My Son, The "STAR"!!

Well, he played the sun in his 3rd grade play, and the sun IS technically a star, so.......he was GREAT!! I was so proud, and the play was so cute! It was about the solar system, and you could tell that everyone worked so hard on it. I love our elementary school--they do so many cute things for the kids. By the way, I made the sun he wore around his neck. I put the sunglasses on it, and the teachers in turn put sunglasses on Brooks. I can't wait to see the play again! (on dvd, of course!)

Brothers!! Palmer was somewhat interested and behaved well during the play. Camden was actually in the audience and I tried waving to her, but she was too busy being good, holding a bubble and an x. (will explain later.) I loved having all three kids in the same place. BTW...Tim was at another elementary school speaking for Drug Free Week. He saw the play on the second day.

This is his homeroom class. The hula girls danced around him, the sunflowers "grew" around him, and he chased those pesky clouds away!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sooner Mooner?

Forgive me if anyone recognizes this couple, but I had to post this pic I received from a friend in Norman. Her quote--"Oh...my eyes!"
Boomer, eh, I mean, MOONER SOONER!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I had to post what Palmer was calling the "sheeps" at the pumpkin patch. He ran around so long on top of the hay bale maze that his little head was soaked! I just wish I knew why he used that name for the maze....by the way, please note the palm trees in the second pic. Palm trees at the pumpkin patch--it just isn't right!

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Rays" Hawk

So Brooks has a little baseball fever, and he's liked the Tampa Bay Rays since we moved here. Well, he talked me into giving him a mohawk in support of the Rays and their postseason drive to the World Series. (Hope last night wasn't an indication of things to come.) Tim about fell out of his seat when he saw Brooks, but he's grown to like it. Brooks said that even the teachers at school thought it was cool. He's proud of his "Rays" Hawk. The question is....will Palmer be next?

Pumpkin Patch '08

Each year Abiding Saviour Preschool goes to the same pumpkin patch for a field day. The kids each get a hayride, a small pumpkin, a goody bag and a story read to them. Palmers fav was the maze made of hay (he called it the "sheeps"). We had a great time, but I did miss my Sissybug, since she was the one I took the past couple of years. Oh that pesky growing up....

I love this pic...since luckily I didn't have anything hanging out of my nose!

Catching Pics

Last weekend, Brooks and his team won a double header against some teams that had previously beaten us. Our little team is coming along. Brooks got to play lots of catcher during the games, and did a great job! He is 8 and he's playing on a 10 & under team, and he holds his own. My proudest moment was watching him pitch in a game for the first time ever. He only pitched one inning, but his first batter he got a pop up, the second batter he got to ground out to the third baseman after falling behind 3-0, and the third batter he struck out swinging on a 1-2 count. WOW...it was awesome!! I'm proud of my Brooksee!

She's a Jack-o-lantern Now!

Camden lost her right front tooth, so along with missing a couple on the bottom, I nicknamed her my jack-o-lantern, and asked her to pose next to the jack-o-lantern in the house. Well, she did some posing, but not before Palmer J HAD to be in the picture, and as you can see, that did not please Cams. I wish you could have seen this "photo shoot" in person--HILARIOUS!! I had to trick him into leaving the room so I could get pics of just her, and she went to town like some model or something. Anyhoo, she's into the punkin' spirit!!!