Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Proud At All!!

MY MAN!!!!!!!!! Who, by the way, is number 34 because his daddy was 33 and his mama was 42, so he wanted to combine the two numbers. Isn't that sweet!?! And maybe because it was Neagle's number, too. 34 BOOM!! ;-)

So my Brooksee had his first OFFICIAL tackle football game today, and he really played well! I was so proud!! And yes, his football team is the Longhorns, and we are yelling "Hook 'em" during the games, and it is a bit weird, but I'm proud of our team. Brooks caught three extra point conversions, and had a great catch over the middle of the field. (I'm hoping to post one of the extra point catches.) Tackle football is definitely a different beast of a game, but so far so good!!

After the post game handshake...

Looking so handsome!

He's such a tough cookie! And sweaty and stinky, too!

The catch was great, but I was proud of him for handing the ball back to the ref, and I just LOVED the great celebration with his buddy! That's what it's all about!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Family Gator Game

Is it fall already??? Why yes, it is!!! And that means it's football season! The Gator football team's home opener was this past Saturday, and we were fortunate to get tickets for EVERYONE in the family! (We only have four season tickets, and we have five people in the family...I'm sure you're doing the math right now!) So, this was Palmer J's first trip to The Swamp, and I do believe he had a great time. I think the girls of the fam looked especially cute in their brand new Gator tops! ;-) We had a fun time... I think the kids ate at least two ice cream sandwiches at halftime. (Probably their favorite part of the day!) It was a great Labor Day weekend, and a day we'll always remember!!