Monday, April 26, 2010

OKC Marathon Relay

For those of you who have given me a hard time for not blogging lately (you know who you are, Torgerson's from Wichita, KS),
I HAVE been busy...busy running to train for the OKC Marathon. Well, the relay portion, that is!! What a great time we had! Laughed SOOO much the whole time (except when we ran, of course. Then we were just echoing Tara's mantra of, "What are we doing!!??") But even though it was cold & windy, we managed to place 14 out of 115 teams. Not too shabby, I must say!! So proud of everyone who ran, and especially proud of Lacy who made her way through the crowds of 10's of thousands to snap some pics of us running! Thanks, girls, for letting me be apart of this great experience! Love you!

All dolled up to go out and eat some pasta the night before the race.

Lacy and I were posing as watch would TOTALLY buy from us, wouldn't you!?

After we finished...still standing, I might add!

The five-memeber team posing for pics at the OKC Memorial.

With my sister, who I'm very proud of for filling in on short notice. She said her 4-day training program helped her finish in record time! (for her, anyway!)