Saturday, January 15, 2011

Air Peej

Basketball season has begun, and this is the first season that ALL THREE kiddos are playing. Quite a mess to make all the practices and games, but thanks to neighbors, we are doing very well.
Palmer and Camden are playing in the Upward league, which is really neat. In Palmer's very first outing, he had 10 points and played superb defense, and Brooks and Camden were just beside themselves with pride! (I know, he is only 5, but still...what a little Air Peej!)

Look at that shooting form!

I seriously think he's trying to throw that little boy's shot. Sweet!!

This is the pic that made me come up with the nickname, "Air Peej". Look at that serious air he's getting! Why, he's practically jumping out of the gym! (And if you remember anything about my playing days, you'll understand why this seems amazing to me!)