Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Education Fair

Yesterday evening was the annual Education Fair at Hidden Oak Elementary. Since we live so close to the school, we decided to walk while the kids scootered/biked. As soon as we got there, Camden & Brooks participated in a 1 mile Fun Run. I wasn't sure what to expect, but they both did really well. Brooks ran his mile in 7 minutes & 4 seconds, and Camden ran her mile in 9 minutes & 30 seconds! Neither one stopped at all, and it just made me so proud! Then Brooks had his 3rd grade recorder concert. Very informal, but memorable, none the less. It was a terrific evening, and I'm really proud to have the kids at Hidden Oak!
Brooks & his buddy, Thad...still red-faced from running.

My Fun Run finishers!

Kids getting instructions from the coach.

School Marquee

On our way!

AND on a side note, I loved hearing all the responses to my 3 previous blogs. Glad to know that you still love me, Lacy, and that Candace would rather have a pic with Bob Stoops than the QB. And little Bill, tell your dad that the shirts are coming soon!! And Leia, I didn't feel anything SPECIAL, persay, just excitement. And when did you meet Chuck Norris, Lacy? He kicks ba-hooty! :-) LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the BIGGEST nerd, but it IS Tim Tebow, right? I remember when I met Josh Heupel I slurred my words...
Tim is always making fun of me. I need you, Lacy, to LOVE me!!! :-)
Ok, on this note of taking pics with players, would you rather take a pic with, i.e., Sam Bradford, or Bob Stoops? Just wanted to see what everyone thinks about this.........taking a pic with the players vs. the coach.
Spank you all VERY much!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And I Can't Forget.....

Jess got in on the action, too! Very funny!!

What A Day!!!

What a day we had today! First of all, I got to enjoy a double header in a relaxing state due to the fact that Camden and Palmer stayed home with a babysitter. That's the first time I've ever NOT taken them to a game, and as much as I hate the fact the whole family wasn't there, I enjoyed not chasing kiddos all day! The second thing I feel worth mentioning is that with the first win today, Tim became the all-time wins leader at Florida for softball. It was pretty cool when they announced that at the game...Tim even gave a little wave to the crowd! And for the finale........I got to meet, and Brooks got his picture with, drum roll please...................

Can you even believe it?!

TIM TEBOW!!!!! He was so sweet and was very kind. He shook my hand, and shook both boys' hands. (The other boy was Brooks' buddy, Trevor.) The two boys were speechless! I wasn't, but I did have butterflies while talking to him! I'm sure the boys will remember this forever! (I know I will!) What an experience, and what a day!!!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bloggin' Time

Here are some pics from last weekends baseball tournament. We've had beautiful weather, and the kids got to swim, or rather play water polo, after the games of that day. The biggest news from last weekend is that Brooks got to start a game as pitcher for the first time ever! He did well, striking out 6 in 3 innings and giving up only 2 earned runs. We are proud! Happy Friday, everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skate Station!

Aunt Jess is in town, so that means FUN TIMES ARE AMONG US!!! (Candace, did you like that? :-)) Every 4-6 weeks, the school has a fundraiser at the local skating rink. The kids love to go skate and see their friends & teachers. The problem I run into is having Palmer there. He won't skate, so he gets bored, and then picks fights with other gets to be a bit much. But since Jess was here, she got to take them, and they all had a blast! They wore red so they could get a free red snocone. Notice my son's outfit...he really thinks that's the way to go when it's chilly here in Florida. Long sleeves and long socks and ALWAYS SHORTS! I'm glad they got to spend some time with Aunt Jess!

Jess fixed Camden's hair...she LOVED the braid!


So I had a request to blog, and this post is dedicated to her, my very pregnant friend from Wichita! These are some pics I took at the softball game the other day. Palmer J, whom we also call PJ, or Peej for short, wanted to hang out with Alberta, the mascot. Then, for some strange reason, he sat still for a whole inning. It was fun. We giggled and took pics and watched the Gators score!! Good times! Hope everyone is well!