Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brooks' Surgery

Brooks had his adenoids removed last week. The doctor said they were blocking 80% of his nasal passageway, so it was a good thing to do. It was an out-patient surgery, and he fought through it like a champ. He was concerned with the IV in his arm, and thought the gown was "embarassing", (the gown said "tired little tiger!"), but he came out physicallly and emotionally unscathed. I'm just proud that we were able to have that done! Thank you, Jesus!

Camden's Family Party

More about Camden, I know, but the girl only turns 6 once!! This was our family party the night before her party, and she got to open her grandparents' gifts and the stuff we got her--she STILL likes Little People--and of course, blow out 6 candles and eat cake. I love that girl!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Camden's 6th Birthday Party

Palmer's First Day

Is this smile forced, or what?  CHEESE!!

This is my Palmer J.
Dad got the honor of taking Palmer to school on his first day.  He was sad to be without his teacher from last year, but he warmed up to his new teacher quickly.  He had so much fun, he's been yelling at us to take him back to school!  I guess mom just doesn't do it for him anymore--when bubbs and sis aren't home, he doesn't want to be either.  Aww, feeling sorry for myself, huh?  

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Crew

(Sorry, I added this pic late and I don't know how to maneuver things...this is a pic of her jeweled initials I ironed on her backpack.)

This is our "walk-to-school" crew:  Connor, Brooks, Grace (Connor's cousin) and Cams.

Very First Day of School!

Today is Camden's first day of Kindergarten!  She was very excited, bouncing off the walls, LOUD, and very happy!  She had a little bit of apprehension as she walked through the doors of her classroom, but Mrs. Bishop was there to take her by the hand and walk her in.  I have a very good feeling about this year!  
She let me pick out her outfit for the day....
but she got to choose her own backpack, and she couldn't wait to use it!
Even Dada got up early and braved the walk to school with us!  Of course, Brooks looked handsome in his new outfit, but right before I snapped this pic, he complained of stomach pains.  I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom, and he said, "No, Mom, I think I need to throw-up.  I'm not sick, I just feel like I did before my first basketball game."  Ahh, butterflies!! He's gonna have a great year, too! 
Palmer was mad at me for trying to snap his picture, and was truly upset that he couldn't go to school with his bubba and sissy.
Off to school....

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Since I had to save and come back to my tag game over the course of a few days, it has posted itself below some of my other posts...so scroll down to look for it!  (I didn't want to disappoint ya, Britt!)

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

Today is our 10th Anniversary!!!  Yea us!  I love you, Tim!  
And I thank God for all the blessings He's bestowed upon our lives...
the MANY, MANY blessings!

DIFFERENT Fishing Pics

Since Tim wasn't at the first fishing extravaganza, he really wanted to see what the hype was all about...and I think he's got the fishing bug now!  The kids didn't catch as many as the first day--Brooks caught about 8, Palmer, 4, and Cams caught 2.  Still, each catch was very exciting, especially to Tim!
A proud Dad with a proud fisherman!
Brooks not only caught the most this day, but also the largest fish.  
Why Palmer always wanted to touch the fish I'll never know...
Cams was showing off her casting skills to her Daddy, while Brooks was on a mission, and Palmer J. was just relaxing!
The happy couple posing for a picture when we should be keeping an eye on Palmer in the back!


"To the Girls of the Class of '94--GO BIG BOOM!"---Billie McGinnis
The Monday before we left town, I got to lunch at Hideaway Pizza with Candace and Shea!  We got to catch up (as much as you can over lunch), and Camden and I got to meet Avery, Shea's almost 3 year old daughter.  Yea!  We had fun, and will try to make this a yearly event.  Afterwards, Billie sent the aforementioned text.  What a hoot.  GO BIG BOOM!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pelican Bay and/or Aquatica

Palmer had the privilege of  going down the baby slide...
and waiting in line with his brother....
to jump off the diving board and swim to the side.  He loved it and did it about 25 times!
Of course, Camden had to get in on the action, too.
My handsome man, Brooksee.

Our Arrival in OKC

Meemee and her Palmer J
He does give the sweetest kisses!
Cam's loves her pops.
Brooks acts like he's too big for all the attention, but really he eats it up!
A crazy bunch to keep up with in the airports!

Incredible Times!

So, since I couldn't blog at my mom's house, I'll be going in reverse for a while, trying to catch up on all our adventures of the summer...and this was one of them!  Brooks, Camden and I got to spend the afternoon at Incredible Pizza (my mom calls it Vegas for kids) with Mandy Neagle-Garvie and her two wonderful kiddos, Reece and Kamryn.  I had so much fun, especially standing in line in yucky shoes waiting what seemed like hours to "race" go-carts!  (Oh, Mandy remembers!)  Thanks for a great day Mandy, and it was also a pleasure to see you, Ryan, that day as well!  And now that I know where you live, you are no longer safe when I come to Oklahoma!  Love ya!

Cam and Kam were pallin' around...
The "old" Tony Stewart car that won the race!! 
Should we put this one in the yearbook?  :-)  Good times!
The "yucky" shoes we had to wear (with no socks) to get on the go-carts.  At least Mandy's looked normal....
The boys in the backseat...they both agreed to get guns to shoot their sisters with all the tickets they collected during the afternoon.  Love the Gator hat, Reece!

Disney For a Day...

Well, we've officially had our last hurrah of Summer 2008--we went to Disney for the day yesterday!  We met our friends from Wichita, KS, who were there on vacation.  We battled the rain, but managed to ride the rides and see the parade.  We had fun...how can you not, it's the happiest place on earth?  :-)

Before we entered Epcot...can you even see the "giant golf ball"?  That's what the kids call it.
Camden, Brooks, Palmer, Mackenzie and Maddie having a treat!
This picture is all Camden.  She bit into her Mickey ice-cream and her eyes rolled in the back of her head---she is in love with food!  
Brooks pined for this hat ALL DAY LONG.  We finally gave in, and he was one happy man!
"The Magic Kingdo", "Mickey's House", Cinderella's Castle!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Tag Game

Alright, Britt tagged me.  By the way, my best memory of Britt is watching her play basketball at Kids, Inc. and hearing her mom literally die laughing everytime she touched the ball.  I wish I had some of those old videos to relive those good times!  As for the game...here we go!  

What does Momma always say to you?  NO!  (Emphatically.)
What makes Momma happy?  Us clean...the house clean.  (Right on!)
What makes Momma sad?  When the Gators lost to stinky Texas A&M...and the house not clean. (Right again!)
How does Momma make you laugh?  You don't, actually.
How old am I?  32, right?  (Unfortunately)
How tall am I?  You're only 6'1 or 2... (only!)
What doesn't Momma like to do?  Clean up after us (a reoccurring thought)
What is Momma's job?  Babysit-like?
What is Momma's favorite food?  sushi veggie rolls
How do you know Momma loves you?  Because you wrote a note to me yesterday on the plane that I kept and will still keep.  

What does Momma always say to you?  No pinching.
What makes Momma happy?  Bad boys
What makes Momma sad?  When dada spanks you.  (Hmmmm...)
How does Momma make you laugh?  Laugh at Brooks.
How old is Momma? 
How tall is Momma?  
What doesn't Momma like to do?
What is Momma's job?
What is Momma's favorite food?
How do you know I love you?
*****I will edit this post when Palmer decides to finish cooperating!!

What does Momma always say to you?  You need to stay with me so you don't get lost.
What makes Momma happy?  When I mind you.
What makes Momma sad?  When Palmer does bad things like draws on the carpet.  (True)
How old is Momma?  I don't know.
How tall is Momma?  An inch taller than the shower.
How does Momma make you laugh?  Some things you say are funny and I really like it.
What doesn't Momma like to do?  Clean up after us.
What is Momma's job?  To make the house clean and keep us from getting hurt.
What is Momma's favorite food?  Veggie burgers
How do you know Momma loves you?  Cause you're my mom.

I hope everyone enjoyed the answers...and I tag Summer and Ashli!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a Fishin'

Brooks was the proudest of all my fishermen.  I have at least 6 pictures of him that look like this, with different fish.  (He thought we needed to take a pic of each and every fish he caught.)
Cam's was fighting this big fish....
.....and was happy with her catch!
Palmer threw a fit if he didn't get to throw the fish back into the pond.  He smelled like fish for at least a couple of days afterwards.  Of course, we didn't let him touch the catfish.
Pops seemed like he had fun...he was a lifesaver with those catfish.  Of course, though, the best part of his day was later winning some cash down at Riverwind.  (No laughing, Candace! :-))