Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback: Chunky Monkey

This is almost too sad to post...but no one usually believes me when I say Cams was a CHUNK...I was so worried for a bit, but she has grown into the most beautiful girl ever (especially when her attitude matches her looks). Just thought I would share my "Chunky Monkey" with everyone! Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seeing Stars?

Since we have moved in (almost 3 years ago), I have not purchased any decor for the house. First reason is that the nearest Hobby Lobby store is almost 50 minutes away. Secondly, I guess I was trying to save a little money? But I needed a new look, and began with my bedroom. The bedding was relatively expensive, but I did get the lamps for under $12 each (!), and the other decorations were inexpensive, too. But I liked the way the black, red and cream looked together, so I found some decor at Hobby Lobby last week that seemed to work for my living room, and the result is in the pictures. I like it! But my mom keeps asking me what my deal with stars is....I don't know. Maybe because stars are easy to find, and I always find them on sale! If I find any before pics, I'll throw them in.
I know this makeover doesn't include paint...I'm so scared to do that. I can't commit to a color, and my kids always get into the supplies and it makes me psycho. If I can't fathom how Mandy does these painting makeovers in a weekend, Lacy, I don't know how you're doing it with little ones!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year's Eve/Day 2009

We were so fortunate to have such beautiful weather all Christmas break, and into the New Year. Our friends, the Bates' family, invited us to share New Year's with them in Venice, FL. It's on the gulf side, and really beautiful. We ate on the pier at Sharkey's on that evening, did some fireworks on the beach when the sun went down, and hung out the rest of the evening. But New Year's Day was really awesome! We first went to a high school field to have a workout...the kids are working on running form, and they got a big workout!! Then we headed to a somewhat secluded beach, and played in the sand, body surfed (yes, I got in the cool water and caught a couple of pretty decent waves!), and (drum roll)...DUG FOR SHARKS' TEETH!! That was the best thing I've ever done, and we found so many! What a way to start off the year!

The kids at the pier at sunset on New Year's Eve. We raced to be able to take this pic! Thanks Tim!

Love this pic...they just explored all day long, and Cams even got smashed by a wave into the rocks. Not too much blood, though...

Look at all those sharks' teeth! We found some great white and mako sharks' teeth. Too fun!

This was taken from our seats at Sharkey's New Year's Day...the kids played wiffle ball until it got too dark to see the ball.

Friday, January 9, 2009

National Champions!

I know not everyone enjoyed the outcome, but the National Championship Game was pretty intense & awesome! I had a blast, and got to see a bunch of our OU friends, plus got to hang with our Gator friends, too! I just wanted to share a couple of pics. Lots of fun...Go Gators!
National Champions!!

I've always wanted a picture with Tim like this at a HUGE game...I love it!!

We got to tailgate with our best friends from Norman...and Bergy, far left. At one point the evening before, he was hunting for some cardboard to do an eggroll on (breakdance move). I almost peed!

These are our friends who happen to be "Gator greats". They rode to the game with us. The Gator fans were coming up to the windows and asking to take pics with the guys while they were in the car. Then when we parked, the car was swarmed with people wanting autographs. So I told them I wanted a part of the action. I might have them autograph the picture, too. :-) Too funny!

The view from our hotel room. It was 84 degrees when we checked in. Unbelieveable. Wish everyone could've been there!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Quick Post

Ok, we had an extraordinary Christmas and two week break...have lots of pics to catch everyone up with, but for now, just posting a pic of Palmer J with his Gator beanie on. Headed to Miami in the morning to go to the National Championship Game. Look for me---I'll be the tall girl in Orange and Blue! So excited!!!!!! GO GATORS!!!
(Love looking at everyone's posts...Happy New Year, ya'll!!!)