Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jess!

TOMORROW is Jess' birthday. (I made a mistake on Facebook and wished her a Happy Birthday a day early. Whoops!) I love this pic of her...
Enjoy your day, Jess! We love you!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Palmer's First Day of School!

Palmer had a great first day of school yesterday! His teacher said he is a rule follower. Very good to know! And he didn't even complain when Tim fixed his hair with gel. It was a great day!!

Palmer with his attendance tag...he has to put that on his cubby when he first gets to class.

Playing puzzles....

Having a "whale" of a time at preschool!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Riding Back to School!

A quick video of Camden & Brooks riding to school. We are with our carpool crew...

First Day of School 2009

This morning was the best first day of school we've ever had!! Easy, fun, and we're so happy with our teachers. God has blessed our family!!
My Cams (1st grade)

They were in love this morning!

HE'S A big now!! (4th grade)

We rode our bikes to school this morning in a pleasant 65 degrees!

Brooks wouldn't dare take a picture with his teacher, but Camden did...her teacher is the one seated and the other gal is the student teacher. Cute!!

Happy Birthday to Cams!

Camden celebrated her birthday and is now 7! We did not have a party for her, and instead went to the Nick Hotel to celebrate. But, she couldn't understand why we weren't doing anything ON her birthday, so we had some friends over for lunch and a swim date at our neighborhood pool. It was a very fun day celebrating her birthday!!!
Brooks' Taxi Service (Gotta love the PEGS!!)

So, I bought cupcakes instead of making a loved them!!

Princess Cams waiting patiently to open her gifts.

The kids with their friends Talia, Jake & Georgia. CHEESE!!!

Pretty presents!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nick Hotel

We had a fabulous time at the Nick Hotel. I highly recommend a one or two night stay...seeing all the characters was priceless!! The kids had a terrific experience as they were both pulled for a show and got to be on stage. No one got to be "officially" slimed by the gooey, ooey stuff, but we saw a couple of people who did, and it brought back many childhood memories!
Here they are in their own room...a Fairly Oddparents' Room with bunkbeds!

We got a picture with Blue, and they even had a Thinking Chair!

Here is Brooks with the drink of the day, The Textbook, and Palmer is showing me how he goes down all the slides "to be faster!"

Camden got to have a somewhat personalized birthday party with Spongebob. The actors did a routine and everyone sang Happy Birthday to all the kids who were there celebrating their birthdays. They topped it off with pics with Spongebob & cupcakes!

A picture in Bikini Bottom with Spongebob!!! VERY exciting!!!

Slime Time

This is how our family got slimed TWICE during our stay at the Nick Hotel in Orlando. Oh, what fun!! Tim can pick the kids out of this massive slime group, but I can't seem to. The next morning all 5 of us stood underneath the bucket & got pummeled with slime!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Palmeo...

Some more video for mom & dad....and how about Brooks throwing his sis under the bus? Funny!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Palmer riding his bike!

Cams riding the neighborhood in her jammies! :-)

Big Boy Brooks all decked out in OU gear...AND wearing his daddy's shoes!!!

Ta Da!!! Little Peej with no training wheels!!


So, yet another milestone was achieved in our household today when Palmer learned (in all of 2 seconds) how to ride his bike without training wheels! He took an interest last night when he asked to try to ride Brooks' bike. Too big. Then he tried to ride Camden's bike and did ok, but I didn't think about pushing it. This morning, he came into the garage to inform us that Ben, his buddy, had a BIG bike. I knew what he meant but ignored it. Then he point blank said to Tim, "Dada, I want these things OFF right now." So the training wheels were removed, and he just began to it's just that easy! He won't be 4 until September, so I thought this was pretty good!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is Tim's birthday...he's the big 3-7!!! Unfortunately he's in Oklahoma, and we are all wishing he was home. I love these pics, aren't they precious!!? (I stole them off of Facebook--his mom decided to embarrass him with them today. Cute!), and it's hard to believe he was at one time a baby...just like our kids will one day turn 37! (Hard to believe, huh?)
Anyway, Tim/Dada, we love you and thank you for working so hard for our family...have a terrific birthday!!!
P.S. This post reminds me of one Mrs. Whiteley would post....:-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Brooks, Jake & JOHNNY DAMON!!!