Friday, November 13, 2009

The Magic Kingdom

While my parents were here, we made a day trip to Disney. It was a fun day, and we closed the place down....the kids are finally old enough to do that!! We started at Epcot, rode a few attractions, then made our way to the Magic Kingdom. The crowds were nice, and most rides we waited 10 minutes or less--a few we just hopped right on. The weather was beautiful, and it was a nice day to make some memories!
The crew before we rode Thunder Mountain for the second time in a row. Peej LOVES the crazy rides!

I love this pic of my handsome dad!

Aunt Jess & the kiddos...

My parents...LOVE THEM!

Brooks & Peej just outside of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.

And here is Peej joyfully dancing as we closer to a ride he wanted to ride. He just went with the music on this one. AND he didn't know I was filming. LOVE that boy!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

So....Halloween was great, or so I was told! ;-) Tim and I were at Florida/Georgia in Jacksonville, and didn't make it back to Gainesville until 8:15, after the kids had finished trick-or-treating. But we did pull up in time to see them handing out some candy (CUTE!), and saw what was left of their costumes. My mom & dad did a great job dressing them up and taking them around our neighborhood! The Gators won, and the kids SCORED some crazy amounts of candy, and everyone was in one piece! It was a terrific day!
Camden was a Geisha Girl, Brooks was Captain Rex, and Palmer was Commander Fox (Star Wars the Clone Wars....I know what you're thinking, and I have no idea either!)

My mom said Camden must've had Madonna's "Vogue" song running through her head the whole time she took pics....that made me laugh pretty hard! Btw, Cam's costume was under $20. I thought it was adorable!

Peej looks a little tired of taking pictures...

Fred & Sherri in their holiday attire. They were cute!

Me & my mom...and yes, I have tan lines still because it's been SO HOT here!! It FINALLY cooled off was beautiful!