Friday, April 22, 2011

Home Run Hitter!

Well, my Brooksee finally went deep, hit a dinger, a homer, a four-bagger, a bomb, a solo home run! He told me on the Friday before his tournament in Tampa to make sure and video all of his at bat's over the weekend, because he was going yard. Did I do it? Nope. But I will never forget watching him connect on the first pitch of his at bat and knowing immediately that it was gone! He almost tripped over first base, and legged it out to second, but as he rounded second base he fell into one mighty home run trot. I'm pretty sure he's been practicing that in his head for ages. I am so proud!!!

The picture I took after the game. He's pointing to where it went over the fence.

He and his buddy TK pose together. They hit back to back homers on back to back pitches! Lots of excitement for our team!

He is holding his FIRST home run ball. Priceless!!!